Dark Bit Factory

After several prominent members of legendary demo crew Hanissis V broke away to form Dark Bit Factory, The DBF Demo crew has undergone many changes down through the years. As with everything in this horrible scene, DBF never remained a peaceful group. 17 lawsuits, 75 award-winning demos, 9 former members, 6 years, and one mysterious death later the current line-up of DBF is as follows:

Clyde (vox, drums)
Parabellum (synths)
Shockwave (guitar, autoharp)
Holdock (drums, backing vocals)
Jim Shaw (lighting, tour manager)

A scientific survey of over 3,000 demo groups that were active between 1953 and 1982 concluded that the number one reason that 93% of all groups stagnate and die is that the members do not keep in touch.

DBF buck this trend. Releasing a new demo once every two months, they continue to amaze everybody in the Scene. Leaked documents revealed that group leader Jim Shaw forces every new member of DBF to sign a ten-year contract that requires over 8,000 lines of new code to be delivered every week. Could this account for the quality output of DBF?

Maybe so, maybe not. Another reason could be the semi-annual group meets in Wales. Every actve member is flown in to the resort town of Pinkilton where they are treated to 4 days of lavish parties and coding sessions. Pictures from these events are popular with tabloid newspapers due to their pornographic and narcotic content, but sadly we are unable to reproduce them on this blog. Each event is paid for by advertising revenue from the DBF Interactive website.

Never far from the headlines, DBF are currently experiencing legal troubles in the Netherlands. Group leader Nic "Shockwav" Soothead is to appear before the courts there charged with incitment of hatred after being arrested while decapatating several wooden effigies of the Dutch Parliament. When asked for a comment, the DBF Press Office replied with the following statement:

"As we cannot comment on cases due before the courts we will instead address the decriminalised status of canabis in the country in question. Were one to imply that any member of DBF had ever ingested this wicked substance, we would also be unable to comment except to say that drug induced psychosis is the number one cause of effigy burnings in Holland and Nick thought he was chopping wood back home in Plymouth, some blighty pimp took advantage of a sick mind and sold him those fucking manequins under false pretences and they're lucky he left his lighter in the coffee shop!"

DBF's new megademo, "Scenes in the key of Chilean Minor" is released at the end of the month through Dark Bit Factory.